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Get Well Foundation

About Us

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

The Get Well Foundation is a non-profit public benefit organization.  The foundation’s specific purpose is to educate the public and health care providers about natural and alternative therapies which are complements to Western medical practices.  Our educational programs include educational seminars, symposiums, workshops, book publishing and distribution, and other activities.  The Get Well Foundation is recognized as a 501(c) (3) charitable organization. Mission StatementIt is the goal of the Get Well Foundation to promote the clinical use of herbs and provide the most current and relevant information regarding natural and alternative medicine.  The foundation focuses on specific ways in which therapies can be used in tandem with Western medical practices to provide the best possible results for both practitioners and patients.  It is the Get Well Foundation’s mission to provide educational resources and materials to both active practitioners and to the general public in order to foster a cohesive understanding of all potential medical and herb related interventions.​

Who is Andrew Gaedert

Andrew Gaeddert, RH, (Registered Herbalist, American Herbalist Guild) successfully treated himself for Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal disorder, with Chinese herbal medicine and herbal remedies. As a result, he launched a career with the purpose to spread the benefits of Chinese medicine and natural remedies to millions of Americans suffering from digestive disorders. In his professional practice, he has helped thousands of people with his Digestive Clearing Diet program. Mr. Gaeddert has studied with master herbalists from both the U.S. and China since 1984. In 1992, he assisted in the development of a formula which was the subject of a double-blind clinical trial at University of California San Francisco with HIV patients, the first time an herbal formula has been so carefully evaluated in the U.S. He has been on the protocol team of several studies conducted with the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine and the University of California.Mr. Gaeddert is the author of Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic, Healing Digestive Disorders, Digestive Health NOW, Healing Skin Disorders, Healing Immune Disorders, his first novel, Jailing of Dr. Hu, and is contributing author to the publications Acupuncture Today and The Townsend Letter for Doctors. He is involved with Citizens for Health, a national non-profit organization that protects health freedom for all Americans.Through his inspirational teaching, Mr. Gaeddert empowers practitioners to practice the art of Chinese herbal therapy. He is particularly interested in helping practitioners become successful so they can help Chinese medicine become more widely accepted.

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