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Healing Stories

In the gripping series, "My Battle with Colon Cancer," Andrew opens up about his journey from diagnosis to triumphant recovery. With unwavering courage, he unveils the raw realities of his treatments, the relentless struggles he faced, and the profound personal insights that reshaped his life. Prepare to be moved as you witness his extraordinary tale unfold, now available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

In this first Episode from the series, "My Battle with Colon Cancer", Andrew talks about his experience dealing with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) during the COVID pandemic. He has been dealing with IBS symptoms for 50-60 years and initially treated his symptoms with herbs, supplements, and dietary changes.

""My Battle with Colon Cancer" Get Well Foundation video

In Episode 2 of "My Battle with Crohns Disease", Andrew recounts his experience of being prescribed Flagyl antibiotics for a hospital-acquired infection after being hospitalized for five days. He describes the negative effects of Flagyl on his gastrointestinal system and liver from his previous use of it for Crohn's disease.

Get well Foundation video, "Conquering My Health Challenges"

In Episode 3 of "My Battle with Colon Cancer", Andrew is diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. He tries to stay positive and focus on natural healing, but his anxiety and fear are heightened due to both of his parents dying from cancer. He thinks about Steve Jobs and how he died after relying solely on natural therapies for his cancer. Andrew believes that surgery was the right decision but hopes to avoid chemotherapy and use natural therapies to strengthen his body.

How Get Well Foundation video, "Steve Jobs Changed My Life"

In Episode 4 of "My Battle with Colon Cancer", Andrew reflects on his hospital experience following surgery. Two very special nurses and several chaplains help him recover and prayed with him and taught him loving-kindness meditation. Over the following days, Andrew found solace in daily visits from chaplains who helped him focus on positivity and gratitude, ultimately aiding in his recovery.

Get Well Foundation video, "The Healing Power of Love and Kindness"

In Episode 5 of "My Battle with Colon Cancer", Andrew shares his experience with being diagnosed with colon cancer and Lynch syndrome, a genetic risk factor for various cancers. He turns to prayer and guided imagery to help him through his diagnosis, visualizing the best possible outcome. 

Get Well Foundation video, "The Healing Power of Prayer"

In Episode 6 of "My Battle with Colon Cancer," Andrew has just returned home from the hospital after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his colon. He shares his experiences of treating his anemia using Chinese herbs, iron, and food therapy. The highlight of his recovery journey was attending a James Taylor concert. Andrew, a longtime fan, was moved by Taylor's music, particularly the song "Shower the People," which he listened to during his darkest days before and during his hospital stay.

Get Well Foundation video, "James Taylor Healed My Spirit"

In Episode 7 of "My Battle with Colon Cancer" Andrew wakes up one day with a terrible headache that lasts for days and is accompanied by palpitations in his chest. He is given referrals to see a cardiologist, a rheumatologist, and a neurologist. Andrew discovers that magnesium supplements help to prevent headaches and migraines, and he uses a combination of ibuprofen and herbs to treat his migraines. With this approach, he is able to manage his condition and reduce the frequency of his migraines. However, the real miracle treatment is within himself.

Get Well Foundation video, "The Miracle Treatment is Within You"

In this final episode of “My Battle with Colon Cancer,” Andrew reflects on his struggles, lessons, and insights, hoping to inspire and help others who may be going through a similar journey.

Get Well Foundation video, "What Colon Cancer Taught Me"
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